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       Conference program

Gdańsk, 7-9 September 2009


Five distinguished international scientists, members of the DPS Program Committee, proposed and scheduled their presentations in the form of the plenary sessions of the DPS'2009 conference in Gdańsk.

List of the DPS 2009 conference plenary lectures



Preliminary title of the plenary talk

Michele Basseville


On statistical change detection for FDI

Eduardo F. Camacho

Universidad de Sevilla

Fault tolerant model predictive control

Steven X. Ding

University of Duisburg-Essen

Integrated design of wireless fault tolerant networked control systems

Jan Maciejowski

Cambridge University

Fault tolerant control - is it possible?

Jakob Stoustrup

Aalborg University

Fault diagnosis and fault tolerant control - an optimization based approach

Antoni Nowakowski

Gdansk University of Technology

Advances of thermal IR-diagnostics in medicine

Complete conference program

for Diagnostics of Processes and Systems, Gdańsk-Jelitkowo, 6-9 September 2009
is presented in the following file: .pdf.

Tenis tournament

On Sunday, 6th of September, at 17 hours we start a rapid tenis tournament.
Willing to play are asked to:

  • send an e-mail declaration of participation (to: kova@pg.gda.pl)
  • have suitable equipment (a racquet)
  • gather in front of the hotel on Sunday, at 16.30 hours.