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       Arriving plan

Gdańsk, 7-9 September 2009


The distance to the city centre of Sopot from the Dwór Prawdzica is 1000 meters, to the city centre of Gdansk is 4 km and 10 km to the Ko¶ciuszko Square in Gdynia.

The buss stop for 143 and 117 busses is located close to the premises of the Dwór Prawdzica and the tram terminal station is just a walk away.

From the Gdansk-Oliwa railway station you can take a taxi* for 5 minutes, or busses 143 and 117 for 10 minutes.

From the international airport in Gdansk you can take a taxi* for 30 minutes.

Time tables for all bus and tram lines can be found on the wab pages of the Gdańsk Public Comunication Company (ZKM):


*Taxi can be ordered by the phone:
663 869 666
601 31 59 59
19 666 (local)
19 197 (local)
what gwarantees 20%-discount, and with the password POLITECHNICA results in 30%-discount.