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Gdańsk, 7-9 September 2009


Jelitkowo is one of the quarters of the city of Gdansk situated close to the border of the city of Sopot. This location, placed in the heart of the Gdansk Metropolitan Area (also called Threecity) and close to the estuary of the Oliwski Stream, was in the past a former fisherman village. At the turn of the XIX and XX centuries Jelitkowo begun to transform into a health resort. At the present time Jelitkowo appears to be a small and peaceful district of little houses and pensions, surrounded with parks and beaches of the Gdansk Bay. Only a four kilometers long walk through a picturesque see promenade is needed to reach the renowned Sopot pier from the Conference Hotel. Convenient tram and train connections to the historic center of Gdansk are suitable for making attractive historical excursions. The conference hotel "Dwor Prawdzica" is situated only 150 m from a picturesque sandy beach. There are a lot of hotels, restaurants, pubs and centers of aquatic sports along the see side. Moreover, the famous Oliva Cathedral and the ancient Cistercian abbey situated in the Oliva Park are also situated only a short walk from Conference hotel.

A simple map of the localisation of the manor-house Prawdzic in Gdańsk:

localisation map
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Picture of the manor-house Prawdzic in Gdańsk:

Picture of the manor-house <i>Prawdzic</i>

More information on the manor-house Prawdzic can be found on their web page: