10th IFAC Symposium on
Intelligent Autonomous Vehicles
IAV 2019
Gdansk, 3-5 July

Participation conditions and awards

All papers selected for presentation in the principal program of the IAV event will appear in the IFAC Conference Proceedings, under the following conditions:

For papers submission and review the conference will use the IFAC PaperPlaza Conference Manuscript Management System: http://ifac.papercept.net - please refer to the paper submission page .
The registration fee (early, amounting to 500 EUR, or the full, amounting to 600 EUR) per each participant of the conference, covers the cost of participation in the IAV 2019 conference, including:

Note that the registration fee does not cover accommodation costs (see Location, Travel and Venue), and that you will receive an invoice after payment. If necessary, you must ask the organizers for a pro-forma invoice (preferably with invoice details).

The early conference fee should be transferred to the Organizers' account by the 17th of April, 2019.
The full conference fee should be transferred to the Organizers' account by the 30th of May, 2019.

Please be informed that the reduced student fee of 350 EUR applies for students, postgraduate students and doctorate students sending us (e-mail: Anna Witkowska) a suitable university authorization on their status (e.g. a valid student id card).

Bank account of the IAV 2019 conference:

IFAC Award Programs

Program for IFAC Young Author Prize at Major Conferences on Automatic Control

It our pleasure to inform that the IFAC Young Author Award wll be delivered at the 10th IFAC IAV Symposium (to be held at the Gdansk University of Technology, GdaƄsk, Poland, July 3-5, 2019).

We intend to award the nomination for the IFAC Young Author Prize (Award) to the papers presented at the IFAC IAV 2019 conference, which stand out because of their originality, potential impact and quality of presentation.


The selection of candidates nominated for the Young Author Prize at the IAV 2019 conference was based on the notes from the reviewers of the papers presented at the conference, whose main author was a PhD student (at the time of the initial submission). Nominations were made independently by the IAV 2019 YAA committee

On the basis of written papers, collected reviews, oral presentations, and detailed assessments of the IFAC YAP Selection Committee, the YAP nomination has been limited to five finallists:

1.      Alexander Wischnewski for the paper Vehicle Dynamics State Estimation and Localization for High Performance Race Cars, co-authored by Tim Stahl, Betz Johannes, Boris Lohmann, Germany.

2.      Samuel Pinto for the paper Reconstruction of Ultrasound Signals Using Randomly Acquired Samples in a Sparse Environment, co-authored by Sean Sanchez, Liam Doran, Aidan Ryan, Sean Andersson, USA.

3.      Filippo Bertoncelli for the paper Wheel Slip Avoidance through a Nonlinear Model Predictive Control for Object Pushing with a Mobile Robot, co-authored by Fabio Ruggiero, Lorenzo Sabattini, Italy.

4.      Juqi Hu for the paper Tire-Road Friction Coefficient Estimation under Constant Vehicle Speed Control, co-authored by Subhash Rakheja, Youmin Zhang, Canada.

5.      Faïza Enfel Khelladi for the paper Direct Yaw Control Based on a Phase Plan Decomposition for Enhanced Vehicle Stability, co-authored by Rodolfo Orjuela, Michel Basset, France.

The winner of the IFAC IAV 2019 YAA is Alexander Wischnewski.  

The winner and all finalists received a certificate during the closing ceremony.   


Program for Support of Young Authors Attendance at Major Conferences on Automatic Control

The IFAC Foundation is open to consider applications for support of young authors’ attendance at the IFAC IAV 2019 Symposium (to be held in July 3-5, 2019).

Eligible for support are authors of accepted technical papers – citizens of a developing country/region not supported by any institution in a high income country/region – whose age will be less than 30 years during the Symposium. Only one author per paper can be supported. A limited number of applications will be supported.

A developing country/region is understood to be one which is not on the attached list of high-income economies.

The support consists of a lump sum to help defray the cost of registration, accommodation and travel expenses related to the Congress.

Applications (PDF, DOCX, ODT) should be addressed to the Symposium organizer by eligible authors.

A presentation of the paper at the Symposium by the winner is a requisite for support.

Award recipients must write a short report (a few lines) stating what the attendance meant to them, and what they learnt. The recipients give their consent that the report together with their picture and a brief bio will be uploaded on the Foundation website.

Other conference awards and distinctions

In addition to the IFAC main prize, we also predict a number of other conference prizes for awarded works and presentations (in the form of recommendations for magazine publications and perhaps also financial awards) and material gifts/prizes and scholarships for distinguished participants of student workshops and winners in the drone contest.